War Memorial, Deighton

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  • location: in front of Deighton Working Men's Club, Deighton Road, Deighton
  • status: still exists
  • category: war memorial
  • UK National Inventory of War Memorials: #29213

The memorial is in the form of an obelisk and was unveiled in June 1919.


Courtesy of Kirklees Museums & Galleries.

Sons of this place let this of you be said
that you who live are worthy of your dead
These gave their lives that you who live will reap
a richer harvest ere you fall asleep
Local Servicemen
C/Sgt. Mjr W. F. Raistrick
Pte. L. Speight
Pte. A. Carmichael
Pte. J. Norcliff
Pte. F. C. Walton
Pte. W. Armitage
Pte. F. Collins
Pte. H. Morris
Pte. S. Hudson
Pte. J. Goodman
Pte. W. Taylor
Pte. W. Roberts
Pte. H. Gledhill
Pte. W. Clay
Pte. E. Kent
Pte. W. Hardcastle
Pte. F. H. Wilson
Pte. W. Seedhouse
Pte. G. Armitage
Pte. G. Kelly
Pte. N. Kelly
Pte. O. Sugden
Pte. W. H. Young
Pte. T. Roberts
Pte. G. Tate
Pte. C. Hance
Pte. A. Dyson
Pte. P. Senior
Pte. B. Spencer
Gnr. H. Stephenson
A.B. L. Boothroyd
A.B. W. H. Swann
A.B. L. Turner
A.B. C. Dyson
A.B. F. W. Bailey
A.B. T. France
A.B. S. Turner
O.S. L. Sykes
O.S. P. Wilson
O.S. L. Poole
O.S. S. Barrow
E.R. J. Wilson
Sig. W. A. Thewlis
Pte. H. Goodwill
T.R. F. Wood
Cpl. B. Garbutt
L/Br. H. Toulcher
Sgt. J. Rattigan
Cpl. J. Lovatt
Gnr. G.W. Kelly
Gnr. J. Dolan
Dvr. E. Rattigan
Cpt. H. Lockwood
2nd. Lt. H. Roberts
Flt. Cdt. S. Lockwood
Cdt. W. Irving
Co/Sgt. Mjr. E. Spivey
Sgt. F. Taylor
Sgt. F. Lockwood
Sgt. E. L. Griffiths
Cpl. W. Charlesworth
Cpl. C. Etchells
Cpl. F. Hanson
Cpl. B. Lockwood
L/Cpl. H. Fisher
L/Cpl. H. Parkin
L/Cpl. J. Boothroyd
L/Cpl. H. Bates
Pte. T. Fisher. M.M
Pte. H. Marshall M.M
Pte. G. French
Pte. C. P. Gill
Pte. E. Kelly
Pte. J. Goodman
Pte. G. Yates
Pte. G. Filby
Pte. H. Heaton
Dvr. Ht. Hardcastle
Dvr. F. Hardcastle
Dvr. Hd. Hardcastle
Dvr. N. Pogson
Dvr. G. Poppleton
Dvr. F. Marshall
Dvr. E. Carter
Dvr. B. Mosley
Dvr. T. Littlewood
Pte. T. A. Ramsden
Pte. W. Sugden
Pte. H. Carmichael
Pte. F. Walker
Pte. F. Shore
Pte. J. Hardcastle
Pte. H. Carter
Pte. J. W. Hoyle
Pte. W. Corbett
Pte. A. Boothroyd
Pte. F. Quarmby
Pte. H. White
Pte. J. H. Rogers
Pte. J. P. Sykes
Gnr. H. Boothroyd
Gnr. E. Driver
Gnr. P. Wood
Gnr. W. Collier
Gnr. W. Elliott
Gnr. G. Poole
Gnr. H. Seedhouse
Gnr. W. Ainley
Gnr. L. Marshall
Dvr. G. W. Jessop
Dvr. E. Dickinson
Dvr. C. Ashton
Dvr. W. Clegg
Spr. J. H. Smith
Spr. F. Hutchinson
Spr. H. Lockwood
Pte. L. Preston
Pte. E. Moore
Pte. A. Clegg
Pte. F. Scott
Pte. J. H. Wolstenholme
Pte. H. Collins
Pte. H. Speight
Pte. R. Cook
Pte. D. Armitage
Pte. I. Spivey
Pte. W. Nunns
Pte. H. V. Taylor
Pte. F. Jessop
Pte. F. Hartley
Pte. F. Fisher
Pte. J. W. Brown
Pte. F. Dyson
Pte. A. V. Raistrick
Pte. F. Wood
Pte. F. Armitage
Pte. F. Gee
Pte. F. Pilkington
Pte. A. N. Priestley
Pte. N. Hopkinson
Pte. H. Littlewood
Pte. A. Littlewood
Pte. H. Jessop
Pte. Fd. Hardcastle


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The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial: