War Memorial, Almondbury

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  • location: junction of Northgate and Westgate, Almondbury
  • status: still exists
  • category: war memorial
  • UK National Inventory of War Memorials: #29110

The monument was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson[1] and comprises a cross set in front of a wall engraved with names. It was unveiled at an official ceremony held in May 1921.


Courtesy of Kirklees Museums & Galleries.

Remember the men of Almondbury
Who died for King and Country

Rest Eternal Grant Them Lord
First World War
Second World War
John Ainley
Trevor Batley
Kenneth Benson
Donald Booth
Eric Booth
Tom Bower
George H. Brook
George Briggs
Geoffrey F. Balmforth
Norman Beaumont
Herbert Cockhill
Dennis Firth
Wilfred Fisher
Trevor Fountain
Frederick Green
Raymond Green
Frank Haigh
Harry Hampshire
Jack Hallas
Ernest Hepworth
James A. Hill
Owen E. Hulme
Harry Jackson
Edmund V. Lowe
Frank Morley
J.W. Moss
Eric C. North
William North
Leslie Pickering
Patrick Pollock
Betty Prince
James Rattigan
Frank C. Snowden
Geoffrey Stead
George F. Stokes
Alfred Sykes
Frank Sykes
Jack Swann
Daniel Simpson
Eric Thewlis
Jack Thompson
Charles Thornton
Roy Thorpe
William White
Norman Whitehead
Edward Whittell


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The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


Notes and References