Waddington and Haigh

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Waddington & Haigh was a paper and paper bag manufacturing firm with offices at 11 Victoria Street, Huddersfield. The business was reportedly established c.1839.

A serious fire, likely started by an electrical fault, occurred at their three storey warehouse in July 1914 and caused damage estimated at between £4,000 to £5,000. A number of firemen who entered the building were injured by live electrical wiring, with several being rendered unconscious by shocks. Whilst trying to recover fireman Edwin Smith, who was lying unconscious on a live wire, sergeant Ellis and fireman Fletcher were flung several yards backwards by the shocks they received. In total, six firemen were treated for electrical burns.[1].

A less serious fire occurred in December 1926 when an employee was tasked with filling the petrol tank parked at the works on Victoria Street. Having been warned that one of the petrol canisters contained water, he decided to test the contents by pouring some onto the floor and dropping a match onto the liquid.[2]

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