W.H. Dawson and Sons

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner (28/Aug/1914)

W.H. Dawson & Sons was a gentlemen's outfitter, shirtmaker, family hosiers and glovers, situated at 22 New Street, Huddersfield, established in 1876.[1]

The business was established by William Henry Dawson (1854-1953?)[2], who was residing at 5 Regent Road, Huddersfield, in the 1911 Census. The census return also implies that his daughter Susan May Dawson was the bookkeeper for the family firm. One of his sons, Edward Harold Dawson, is listed in the 1901 Census as a hosiers assistant. It seems likely William Henry served an apprenticeship for linen draper John T. Smiles of South Parade circa 1870.

An invoice dated June 1917 noted that the firm's telephone number was Huddersfield 784.

Notes and References

  1. The 1887 Insurance Map of Huddersfield shows that 22 New Street was situated on the corner of Cloth Hall Street and New Street, and was a Post Office at the time. As of 2016, it is part of the Yorkshire Building Society premises: Google Street View.
  2. He married Judith Emily Berry in 1878.

W.H. Dawson and Sons


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