Votes for Women (20/Aug/1908) - Huddersfield

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A great demonstration is to be held on September 27. We are hoping to assemble at least 50,000. We want to raise money to pay for two good bands, and for the printing and advertising. Yorkshire supporters all over the country are asked to help in making this a success. We have made the Yorkshire Liberal party tremble by our Leeds and Bradford demonstrations. Huddersfield must do just as well.

An "At Home" will be held in Huddersfield on September 28; full particulars of this will be announced later.

The "At Homes" in Northumberland Street Schools every Tuesday at 8 p.m. are a new feature in our Huddersfield work that we hope will be attended with success.

Adela Pankhurst.

Votes for Women (20/Aug/1908) - Huddersfield


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