Votes for Women (18/Feb/1909) - Yorkshire

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Bradford, 61, Manningham Lane.

At. Homes.

Leeds : Arts Bienheim Terrace, Woodhouse Lane, Wed., 8 p.m.

Important Events.

Leeds : Colisseum, Miss Christabel Pankhurst, Tues., March 23, 8 p.m.
Bradford : St. George's Hall, Miss Christabel Pankburst, Wed., March 24, 8 p.m.

Handbills and tickets are now ready for both the above-mentioned meetings. Tickets (price 2s. 6d., 1s., and 6d.) may be obtained in Bradford at 61, Manningham Lane, and in Leeds at Bean’s, 17, Boar Lane. As Miss Crocker and Miss Roberts have both gone to the Glasgow bye-election, there is plenty of work for us to do, and I hope members will devote their spare time to making these meetings known.

On Tuesday, February 9, I spoke at the Huddersfield "At Home", and found that several women are getting on well at the speakers' class. We have several speakers in Leeds and Bradford, and I hope other women will come forward and join the classes, so that as soon as the weather is warmer, we shall be able to hold a large number of outdoor meetings and to go further afield. On Wednesday, February 10, a very successful drawing-room meeting, by Miss Lowenthal, was held in Huddersfield. In spite of very wet weather and the distance of the house from the town, over forty people were present, and a good collection was taken.

We have been making plans for raising money in Self-Denial Week. Among other suggestions are a barrel-organ and the hiring of a hawker’s cart, from which we shall sell fruit, sweets, cakes, etc., to be given by members and friends. Contributions for this are urgently wanted.

Plans are being made for working-parties to make things for the Yorkshire stall at the Exhibition. As already announced, as far as possible we should like the stall to be devoted to Yorkshire specialities, and the following list will be useful to friends:—

Parkin, cakes, sweets, pickles, bottled fruits, jams, views of Yorkshire, books, metal and basket work, sealing wax, hatpins and buttons, tents, mats, and bedroom slippers

This week I have sent the Treasurer 5s. from Miss Midgley and £1 17s. collection (Huddersfield Drawing Room Meeting).

C.A.L. Marsh.[1]

Notes and References

  1. This was Charlotte Augusta Leopoldine Marsh (1887-1961) who was born in Northumberland and died in Surrey, aged 74.