Varley and Varley, Limited

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Varley & Varley was a brewing company, established by architect William Stephenson Varley and his son Thomas William Varley, who took over the running of Lascelles Hall Brewery at Lepton (originally established by Richard Durrans & Co.). It became a limited company in November 1892 but soon failed and was wound up in March 1894.[1]

William Stephenson Varley, who was born in 1839 at Colne in Lancashire, had moved to Morecambe with his second wife Mary Jane (née Bradshaw) by the time of the 1901 Census, but later returned to Huddersfield. After his wife died, he was recorded as an inmate of Crosland Moor Workhouse in the 1911 Census.

Thomas William Edmondson Varley was born around 1868. After marrying Elizabeth circa 1904, he worked as a brewery manager in Shropshire (1901 Census) before living as a farmer in Worcestershire (1911 Census). He died on 4 November 1956 aged 89 at the Fairy Hill Nursing Home on the Isle of Wight.

Notes and References

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