Upperthong Local Board

Huddersfield Chronicle (16/Mar/1861)

Upperthong Local Board was the local authority body primarily responsible for issues relating to public health in the township of Upperthong and was formed on 27 February 1861 with an initial membership of 12.

Typically elected by local rate payers and property owners, Local Boards were formed following the Public Health Act 1848 and the subsequent Local Government Act 1858, and had responsibility for the oversight of sewers, water supplies, public toilets, street cleaning, slaughterhouses, pavements, and burial grounds within their district.

A total of 15 names were put forward as nominations for the local board in June 1861, but 3 withdrew, meaning that the remaining 12 were duly elected without the need for an election:[1]

  • Joshua Moorhouse of North Terrace
  • John Hixon (solicitor) of Spring Terrace
  • James Charlesworth (soap merchant) of Upperbridge
  • John Thorpe Taylor (manufacturer) of Eldon House
  • Nathan Lewis (gentleman) of Lane
  • Joseph Senior (engineer) of Spring Buildings
  • Thomas Barber (manufacturer) of Upperthong
  • John Carter (grocer) of Upperthong
  • John Moodicliffe (farmer) of Upperthong
  • Samuel Wimpenny (manufacturer) of Burnlee
  • Thomas Hinchliffe (manufacturer) of Nether House
  • Joseph Dyson (gentleman) of Spring Terrace

Upperthong Local Board was amalgamated with Cartworth Local Board and Wooldale Local Board in 1884 to form the new Holmfirth Local Board.

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Notes and References

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