Upper Slaithwaite School, Bradshaw Lane, Slaithwaite

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  • also known as: Upper Slaithwaite Church, Shred Church, Shred Mission Church
  • location: Bradshaw Lane, Slaithwaite
  • status: still exists
  • category: national school
  • notes: now Upper Slaithwaite Church


Yorkshire Returns of the 1851 Census of Religious Worship: Volume 3, West Riding (South) (2000) edited by John Wolffe:

Upper Slaithwaite National School, licensed for Divine Service by the Bishop of Ripon in 1846. In consequence of the distance from the Parochial Chapel (about two miles) and the advantage to the Sunday School Children of partaking of Divine Service. The School was erected out of the materials of an old Wesleyan Meeting House. Erected: The Right Honorable William Earl of Dartmouth, and by the Rev Charles Augustus Hulbert, MA, Incumbent of Slaithwaite, aided by the Committee of Council on Education, the National Society and the Inhabitants. Cost: By Parliamentary Grant £190, Private Benefaction etc, £50 Total £750.

Slaithwaite: Place and Place-Names (1988) by George Redmonds:

This unusual name remains a mystery. It may be older than Upper Slaithwaite Mission Church, built in 1845, and to which it now refers, but there is no evidence that this was so. Elsewhere it has been said to derive from the word ‘scrogge’ meaning brushwood, but this was a mistaken reading of the evidence in Smith’s Place-names of the West Riding of Yorkshire. It may simply be that the building was erected on a strip or shred of moorland at the side of die highway.


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