Unglue a Book

The "unglue" model is a way of making copyrighted books available for free by crowdsourcing a payment to the copyright holders.[1]

One of the aims of Huddersfield Exposed is to make available out-of-copyright materials for free. However, as the saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Many of the items we'd like to make available have been purchased second-hand, and some are relatively rare... so therefore were expensive to buy!

To help offset the cost of acquiring the books and to help towards acquiring further items to be digitised as PDFs, some books are being made available under a variant of the "unglue" model. In each instance, there will be target price set (typically the cost of acquiring the item) and, once that target has been reached, the digitised book will be made freely available to everyone. Until the target is reached, you can make a donation using PayPal and we will send you a link to the digitised copy as a "thank you".

Only items that have been purchased and fully digitised as a PDF will be offered under this model.

In the event of an item not reaching its target after 12 months of being offered, we reserve the right to unglue it and make it freely available.

Should you choose to make a one-off donation using PayPal:

  1. we are not asking you to donate the target figure — you can donate as much or as little as you want (£1 is suggested as the minimum amount)
  2. please add a message which includes the ID number of the book (or books) you would like to help unglue
  3. please also state if you would like to be credited as a donor — if so, your name will be included in the relevant web page as well as in a "thank you" section on the cover page of the final PDF
  4. if there is a particular item you would like to see digitised in the future, or if you have a particular area of interest and you would like us to try and acquire relevant items, please include that in the message

One final note — any items acquired for this web site will eventually be offered to a local archive to be preserved.[2]

Terms and Conditions

We want to try and keep things as simple and hassle-free as possible. By making a donation, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. you are making a donation which will be used solely to acquire more materials to be digitised
  2. you are not purchasing an item or paying for a service of any kind
  3. we will say "thank you" by providing you with a free link to the digitised item
  4. the process of updating the "raised" figure and of sending out the free link is done manually, so will not happen immediately — under normal circumstances, we'll try to do this within 24 hours but please be patient :-)

Should you choose to make a donation and are unhappy in any way, please contact the site's administrator (d.c.pattern@hud.ac.uk). As long as you have not already reclaimed the donation using PayPal, we will endeavour to refund it.

The Book List

The following have been unglued thanks to donations, or are waiting to be unglued...


Digitised or Transcribed

A number of works have already been digitised or transcribed exclusively for Huddersfield Exposed and can be read online or downloaded for free:


  1. See, for example, https://unglue.it
  2. Archives usually prefer items to be donated as part of a themed collection rather than as "one offs", so the donation will be made at such time as a suitable collection is ready and a local archive (e.g. West Yorkshire Archive Services, Heritage Quay, etc) can be found that is willing to accept it. All donated items will be catalogued and any digital versions of the items will be donated with a full copyright waiver.

Unglue a Book

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