Turn Bridge, Quay Street, Huddersfield

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  • appears on maps: 1851 [#89], 1890 [#959]
  • location on map: Quay Street, Huddersfield
  • status: still exists
  • category: misc feature
  • notes: bridge over the Sir John Ramsden Canal

Discovering Old Huddersfield

Extract from Discovering Old Huddersfield (1993-2002) by Gordon & Enid Minter:

The locomotive bridge which carries Quay Street across the canal at Turnbridge is a wonderful device of wheels, chains and counter-weights and is surprisingly easy to operate by hand and windlass. It is not, however, this bridge that gave its name to the area. The first bridge was actually a turning or swivel bridge and is so marked on some early maps. It was replaced by the lifting bridge as long ago as 1865, yet the old name has persisted to the present day.


Turn Bridge, Quay Street, Huddersfield


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