Towards Democracy: Huddersfield Liberal Conferences on After-the-War Problems (1918)

Towards Democracy: Huddersfield Liberal Conferences on After-the-War Problems — September 22nd to December 15th, 1917 was published in 1918 by the Huddersfield Liberal Conference Executive.


This volume records the endeavours of the Liberal Associations of Huddersfield, Elland, Colne Valley, and Holmfirth, to provide a weekly opportunity on Saturday afternoons for the study of Democratic principles in relation to After War problems. The arrangements for these Conferences were made during that vague and unsatisfactory War period signalised by the so-called "Political Truce."


  1. Reconstruction after the War — The Rt. Hon. Dr. Addison, M. P. (Minister of Reconstruction)
  2. Liberalism and Democracy — Mr. Oscar M. Wihl, M.A., LL.B.
  3. The Future of Agriculture and Rural Problems — The Rt. Hon. Walter Runciman, M.P.
  4. Democracy and Economics — Mr. Harold Storey, B.A.
  5. The Rights and Responsibilities of Labour in Industry — Mr. Henry Vivian, ex-M.P.
  6. The Rights and Responsibilities of Capital in Industry — Sir Hugh Bell, Bart.
  7. Industrial Unrest : An Analysis of the Whitley Commission's Report — The Rt. Hon. J.H. Whitley, M.P. (Chairman of the Commission)
  8. War Finance and House of Commons Control over Public Expenditure — Colonel Godfrey Collins, M.P.
  9. The Problem of the Village and the Future Status of the Farm Labourer — Mr. George Nicholls, ex-M.P.
  10. The Organisation of the Empire — The Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, M.P.
  11. Women's Work in Reconstruction, or the Service of Women to the Coming Race — Miss A. Maude Royden (Assistant Pastor, City Temple, London)

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