Tommy's Freezing Spray (1915)

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A child freezes the household with a professor's mixture.


The Bioscope (03/Jun/1915):

Tommy’s Freezing Spray. — As the leading conspirator, Baby Langley plays extremely well, being ably seconded by Miss Lily Ward and Winky as the parents of the irrepressible Tommy. A patent chemical mixture is put to uses which affect every member of the household, but Tommy so arranges matters that he easily escapes a fully deserved punishment. Well staged, photographed and lighted in a praiseworthy manner. Comedy of a superior order. (July 15th. 693 ft.)


Research Notes

Although "Winky" actor Reginald Switz appears in this short film and is referred to as "Winky" in The Bioscope review, it is uncertain if he is specifically playing the character in this film or is simply acting the role of a father.

Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.