Tolson Memorial Museum Handbooks

The Tolson Memorial Museum Handbooks were a series of local history books published by the museum which explored specific aspects of the history of the local area.

Writing in the Scheme for the Development of a Local Museum, T.W. Woodhead proposed a series of publications:

The function of a Museum, however, is not solely the collection of objects to illustrate the natural history of the district and the development and activities of the people. Equally important is the true interpretation of the true facts accumulated, and it should be the aim of the Museum Handbooks to tell the story of their significance and interest.

Tolson Memorial Museum Handbook series

The items marked are now in the Public Domain.

  1. History of Ravensknowle & Scheme for the Development of a Local Museum (1921) by Legh Tolson and T.W. Woodhead
  2. Angles, Danes and Norse in the District of Huddersfield (1921) by W.G. Collingwood — 2nd edition published in 1929
  3. Early Man in the District of Huddersfield (1924) by James A. Petch
  4. Huddersfield in Roman Times (1925) by Ian A. Richmond
  5. History of the Vegetation of the Southern Pennines: The Huddersfield District (1931) by T.W. Woodhead
  6. The Mining Industry in the Huddersfield District (1929) by D.A. Wray
  7. Guide to the Tolson Memorial Museum and Ravensknowle Park (1931) by T.W. Woodhead
  8. Climate, Vegetation and Man in the Huddersfield District (1931) by T.W. Woodhead[1]
  9. History of the Huddersfield Woollen Industry (1935) by W.B. Crump & Gertrude Ghorbal[2]
  10. History of the Huddersfield Water Supplies (1939) by T.W. Woodhead
  11. Soils of the Huddersfield District (1942) by John Grainger — reprinted from "The Naturalist"
  12. Huddersfield Highways Down the Ages (1949) by W.B. Crump
  13. The Fieldhouse Steam Winding Engine (1954) by William Brian Stocks
  14. Early Timbered Buildings of the Huddersfield District (1955) by James Walton
  15. Birds of Huddersfield (1958) by E.C.J. Swabey & E.W. Aubrook
  16. Coin Finds of the Huddersfield District (1961) by Graham Teasdill

Other publications:

Unpublished Works

Several works were proposed for the series but were never published:

  • Bird Life around Huddersfield by Prof. W. Garstanng & S.L. Mosley
  • Lepidoptera of the Huddersfield District by G.T. Porritt
  • Local Domestic Architecture by H.P. Kendall, J.W. Cocking & Legh Tolson
  • Origins of the Rocks in the District of Huddersfield by Prof. A. Gilligan
  • Spiders of the Huddersfield District by W. Falconer

Notes and References

  1. Initially advertised as Vegetation of the Huddersfield District.
  2. Initially advertised as Origin and Development of the Local Textile Industry by Gertrude Humberstone.

Tolson Memorial Museum Handbooks


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