Timothy Bentley (1768-1830)

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Timothy Bentley was the founder of Lockwood Brewery.


He was born in 1768 in Southowram, Halifax, the son of Joseph Bentley.

He moved to Huddersfield in the early 1790s and purchased around 70 acres of land at Lockwood, where he founded the Lockwood Brewery in 1794/5.

He was married twice — firstly to Ann Bate and then to Betty Green — and is believed to had 14 children:

  • Ann Bentley (1794-1838) — married William Shaw and mother of Bentley Shaw (1816-1878)
  • Jane Bentley (c.1795-)
  • Mary Bentley (c.1797-)
  • Robert John Bentley (c.1800-1850)
  • Green Bentley (c.1801-1834)[1]
  • Henry Bentley (c.1803-1848)
  • Eliza Bentley (c.1805-)
  • Harriet Bentley (c.1807-1877)
  • Eleanor Bentley (c.1808-1826)
  • Caroline Bentley (c.1812-)
  • Betsy Louisa Bentley (c.1815-)
  • Joseph Bentley (c.1819-1876)
  • George Bentley (c.1823-)
  • Timothy Bentley (c.1828-)

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Notes and References

  1. Resided at Deadmanstone Hall, Berry Brow, and died suddenly in his sleep on the night of 6/7 September 1834.