Thora (Bamforth series 4779)

"Thora" was a set of four hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The text is based on the song "Thora" composed by Fred. E. Weatherly (words) and Stephen Adams (music).[1]

The postcards were published as series number 4779. Bamforth's also issued "Thora" as series numbers 4612, 4629, 4704, 4746, and 4939.

Thora (1/4)

I stand in a land of roses, but I dream of a land of snow,
Where you and I were happy in the years of long ago.
Nightingales in the branches, stars in the magic skies,
But I only hear you singing, I only see your eyes.

Thora (2/4)

Come! come! come to me, Thora,
Come once again and be
Child of my dream, light of my life,
Angel of love to me!

Thora (3/4)

I stand again in the North land, but in silence and in shame;
Your grave is my only landmark, and men have forgotton my name.
'Tis a tale that is truer and older than any the sages tell,
I loved you in life too little! I love you in death too well!

Thora (4/4)

Speak! speak! speak to me, Thora,
Speak from your Heaven to me;
Child of my dream, love of my life,
Hope of my world to be!


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