Thomas Porritt and Sons

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Thomas Porritt & Sons were wool merchants with offices on Market Street, Huddersfield.

The firm was founded in 1901 by Thomas Richard Porritt[1], and his sons Raymond Porritt[2] and Arthur Porritt[3]. Thomas had formerly worked for his father's firm of Richard Porritt & Co.

Raymond and Arthur left the business by mutual consent on 21 July 1929.[4]

Notes and References

  1. Born 9 July 1860, Thomas Richard had retired by 1939 when he was living with his son Raymond at 68 Gledholt Road, Huddersfield. Died 1950.
  2. Born 20 November 1893, Raymond later worked as commercial traveller (1939 Register). Died 1969.
  3. Born 1895 and likely died 1990 at Petersfield, Hampshire.
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