Thomas Pearson Crosland (1815-1868)

Thomas Pearson Crosland was a woollen manufacturer and merchant who took an active role in the local governance of Huddersfield.

From 1852, he resided at Gledholt Hall and was the town's Member of Parliament from 1865 until his death.

The woods near to Gledholt Hall are known locally as T.P. Woods after Crosland.[1]


He was born on 29 December 1815, the son of manufacturer George Crosland (of Crosland Hill) and his wife Mary Ann (née Pearson), and was baptised on 25 February 1816. His mother died just over 4 months after his birth.

Together with his younger brothers, he joined his father in the firm of George Crosland & Sons of Crosland Moor Mills.

He married three times:

  • Ann Kilner, daughter of drysalter William Kilner, on 29 December 1841 at Huddersfield Parish Church (died 1845)
  • Matilda Roch(e) Cousins in 1849 in Gloucestershire (died 1853)
  • Julia Cousins (died 1873)

The eight known children from the marriages are:

  • Ada Pearson Crosland (1855-1919)[2]
  • Thomas Pearson Crosland (1856-1932)[3]
  • Julia Pearson Crosland (c.1857-?)[4]
  • John Pearson Crosland (1860-1946)[5]
  • Stanley Pearson Crosland (1861-1929)[6]
  • Arthur Pearson Crosland (1862-?)[7]
  • Marion Pearson Crosland (1865-1938)[8]
  • Alfred Pearson Crosland (1866-1867)[9]

He served as one of the first Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners in 1848 and was subsequently re-elected.

He became a local Justice of the Peace in March 1852.

Standing as a Liberal, he became the M.P. for Huddersfield in 1865.

He was both a Freemason (Lodge of Harmony) and a member of the Loyal "Stranger's Refuge" Lodge No. 675 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity).

Thomas Pearson Crosland died on Sunday 8 March 1868 after a long illness.

His younger brother, Joseph Crosland, became the first Conservative M.P. for Huddersfield at the 1893 election.

Further Reading

  • Obituary in Huddersfield Chronicle (14/Mar/1868)

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