Thomas Allison, Limited

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Thomas Allison Ltd. were a brass foundry and finishing works who were based at Britannia Works, Milnsbridge. The company also had an office at 11 Market Street, Milnsbridge (1900 Directory).

The firm was founded by Thomas Allison, an ironmonger born circa 1841 in Lancashire, and became a limited libability company in 1894 with 6,000 £1 shares.[1] The first directors were Thomas Allison and Samuel C. Smith.[2]

A letterhead from 1918 describes them as "Hot Water, Ventilating, Sanitary & Electrical Engineer[s]" as well as:

Authorised Plumber.
Slater, Ironmonger, Mill Furnisher,
Slate & Tile Merchant,
Bell Hanger, Tin Plate Worker,
and Maker of all descriptions of Ventilators.

The company are not listed in the 1937 Directory.


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