Thick Hollins Bridge, Meltham

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  • locationp: Thick Hollins Road, Meltham
  • status: still exists
  • category: misc feature
  • notes: road bridge over Thick Hollins Dike

In January 1855, Wilshaw manufacturer Joseph Hirst summoned the local surveyors to complain about the state of the roads in the township, noting that "Thick Hollins' Bridge was in a sad state, the battlements being on one side level with the road, and the fence all down in a most deplorable manner".[1] By June 1855, road surveyor Mallinson Abbey of Lockwood had submitted a report in which he advised moving the bridge and realigning the road[2] and Messrs. J. & W. Pogson were contracted for the work.[3]

The realignment of the road led to the junction with Royd Road moving sufficiently southwestwards to make Blackfriars Bridge over Calf Close Dike redundant.


The original line of the roads and bridges is shown below

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