There's Hair! (1915)

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A girl thwarts her governess who tries to wed her widowed father.


The Bioscope (15/Apr/1915):

There’s Hair! — Although the story of this comedy is quite satisfactory from the point of enabling rough, boisterous humour, there still recurs the feeling that clever Baby Langley, who is featured in the release, might have been furnished with a much superior medium for the display of her talents. She is, in addition, apparently encouraged to play to the camera just a little too often, and certainly could have been made up in a less theatrical manner. Just a conventional story, but greatly redeemed from mediocrity by the attraction of the child artiste referred to, and her genius for impish behaviour. (May 27th. 615 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (22/Apr/1915):

There’s Hair (C). — Baby Langley badgers her father, until at last her poor pa advertises for a governess. The lady who secures the post is attractive, and it is soon apparent that she has designs on her master’s heart, and money. However, her scandalous courting of old Golding is brought to nothing by the child snatching off the wig just as pa is in the act of propping, and so pa and little Hilda live happy ever after. Released May 27th, length 625 ft.


Notes and References

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  2. The BFI Database also contains a second entry for this film: