Theatre Royal, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield

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  • location: Ramsden Street, Huddersfield
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: theatre

Originally built in the 1830s as the Philosophical Hall, the building was redeveloped in 1850s as a theatre. It was eventually acquired at auction for £3,000 by actor and theatre proprietor Morton Price, who opened it as the Huddersfield Theatre Royal in October 1866.

It was rebuilt in 1880 following a fire and reopened in April 1881 with a seating capacity of around 1,250.

By the mid-1950s, actress Nita Valerie (1894-1975) and her husband Peter Bernard had become the proprietors of the theatre. After Bernard died in December 1960, Valerie sold the building to the Murraryfield Real Estate Co. of London in early 1961 for £27,500.[1]

The Theatre Royal was demolished in the early 1960s during redevelopment of the surrounding area.[2]

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