Theatre Royal, Huddersfield: 1952 Season

The following programme was published by the Theatre Royal's Huddersfield Repertory Company's 1952 Season, which included:

  • Shakespeare's "Hamlet" with Norman Williams, William Rothery, Donald Martin, Peter Mercier, Norman Rossington, Maurice Durant, Sheila Rix, John Van Eysen, Ian Sainsbury, Maurice Browning, Mary Howard, Alan Rickett, William Rothery, Michael Peake, Nicholas Bielby, Norman Williams, Michael Peake, John S. Temple, Margaret Jackson, Margaret Ferrand, R.E. Kidd, P. Taylor, G. Clarkson, E.R. Waterhouse, T.H. Crossley, and W.O. Brewer. The play was produced by Maurice Browning with Graham Oakley (Scenery Designer), John Rockett (Piano), Frank Luckman (Duel Arranger), Vera Moor (Hair Stylist), John S. Temple (Stage Director), Norman Rossington (Assistant Stage Manager), and Hilary Tibble (Assistant Stage Manager).
  • Clifford Mollison in "Don't Listen Ladies" by Sacha Guitry, supported by Avril Wheatley.
  • Dinah Sheridan in "Sweet Aloes".

The leaflet includes advertisements for:

  • fish, game and poultry salesmen, J.E. Wood, Son & Co. of Victoria Street
  • rag merchant W.L. Beaumont of Henry Street, off Upperhead Row
  • stationers Wheatley, Dyson & Son of 12 New Street
  • carpet specialists Furnishall Ltd. of 64 Manchester Road
  • photography specialist H. Whitehead of Victoria Lane
  • motor engineers John E. Sykes Ltd. of 12 & 14 Albion Street
  • brewery Bentley and Shaw's of the Lockwood Brewery

Theatre Royal, Huddersfield: 1952 Season


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