Theatre Royal, Huddersfield: "The Shop at Sly Corner" (1953)

The following programme was published by the Theatre Royal for their 1955 production of "The Shop at Sly Corner" by Edward Percy[1] which starred Keneth Kent[2], supported by Dinsdale Landen, Rosemary Frankau, Nita Hanson, Helen Misener, Margaret Jackson, Anthony Jennings, William Heaven, Angus Lennie, and Victor Hickley.

The play was directed by William Heaven, with Angus Lennie (Stage Director), G. Leslie Brook (Resident Stage Manager), and Gordon Fryer (Resident Electrician).

The leaflet includes a advertisements for:

  • fish, game and poultry specialists J.E. Wood, Son & Co. of Victoria Street
  • rag and waste merchant W.L. Beaumont of Henry Street, off Upperhead Row
  • stationers Wheatley, Dyson & Son Ltd. of 12 New Street
  • outfitters George Mason & Son of 99-101 King Street and 2 Station Road, Holmfirth
  • photography specialist H. Whitehead of Victoria Lane
  • arts and crafts specialist George Fox of 10 Byram Street
  • brewer Bentley and Shaw Ltd. of the Lockwood Brewery.

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Theatre Royal, Huddersfield: "The Shop at Sly Corner" (1953)


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