The Statute Law Relating to Rivers Pollution (1906) by Charles Joseph Haworth

This item is part of a growing collection of Public Domain books about the county of Yorkshire.

The Statute Law Relating to Rivers Pollution: Containing the Rivers Pollution Acts, 1876 & 1893, together with the Special Acts in Force in the West Riding of Yorkshire and the County of Lancaster, and Practical Forms


  • Preamble (page 1)
  • Chapter I: Law as to Solid Matters (page 1)
  • Chapter II: Law as to Sewage Pollution (page 4)
  • Chapter III: Law as to Manufacturing and Mining Pollution (page 10)
  • Chapter IV: Administration of Law (page 20)
  • Chapter V: Application of the Act to Scotland (page 53)
  • Chapter VI: Application of the Act to Ireland (page 55)
  • Rivers Pollution Prevention Act, 1893 (page 57)
  • West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Act, 1894 (page 59)
  • Mersey and Irwell Joint Committe Act, 1892 (page 100)
  • Public Health Act, 1875 (page 113)
  • Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890 (page 141)
  • Appendix (page 147)
  • Index (page 185)

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