The Spectator (28/Aug/1852) - The Provinces

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So munificent were the subscriptions for the sufferers by the Holmfirth inundation, that some of the money will be returned to the subscribers. At a meeting of the committee, last week, it was stated that the total receipts amounted to £45,434, of which nearly £23,000 remain in hand. Of this balance, £4500 is to be invested for the benefit of Mrs. Hirst, of Digley Mill, who was a great sufferer by the flood, and the sum of £400 is to be set aside to meet any casual expenses. It was proposed to devote £8000 to the reconstruction of the Bilberry reservoir : this was at first strongly opposed, as it would seem to be a reward for the neglect of the Commissioners ; but it was shown that unless the money were given the reservoir was not likely to be repaired, and without the water-power the staple trade of the valley — the woollen manufacture — would not be restored : so at length the resolution was agreed to almost unanimously, and trustees were nominated to carry out the work. The unappropriated balance is to be returned, pro rata, to the subscribers.