The Ramsdens of Huddersfield

Due to the size of the family, only the lineage relevant to Huddersfield and the Baronets of Byram is shown.

Family Tree

  • John Ramsden (?-?)
    son of Robert Ramsden, lived at Longley Hall
    • William Ramsden (?-1623)
      married 1589 to Rosamund Pilkington
      purchased the Manor of Huddersfield in 1599
      • Sir John Ramsden (1594-1646)
        married 1624 to Margaret Frescheville
        • William Ramsden (1625-1679)
          married 1648 to Elizabeth Palmes at Naburn, Yorkshire
          • Sir John Ramsden (1648-1690), 1st Baronet of Bryam
            married 1670 to Sarah Butler at Armthorpe, Yorkshire
            • Sir William Ramsden (1672-1736), 2nd Baronet of Byram
              married 1696 to Elizabeth Lowther at Lowther, Westmorland
              • Sir John Ramsden (1699-1769), 3rd Baronet of Byram and M.P. for Appleby, Westmorland
                married 1748 to Margaret Norton at Ackworth, Yorkshire
                • Sir John Ramsden (1755-1839), 4th Baronet of Byram and M.P. for Grampound
                  married 1787 to Louisa Susannah Ingram-Shepheard
                  • John Charles Ramsden (1788-1836), M.P. for Malton
                    married 1814 to Isabella Dundas
                    • Sir John William Ramsden (1831-1914), 5th Baronet of Byram and M.P. for Taunton, Hythe, the West Riding of Yorkshire, and Monmouth
                      married 1865 to Helen Guendolen Seymour in London
                      • Sir John Frecheville Ramsden (1877-1958), 6th Baronet of Byram and High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (1920)
                        married 1901 to Joan Buxton in Norfolk
                        • Sir Gefforey William Pennington-Ramsden (1904-1986), 7th Baronet of Byram
                          married 1927 to Veronica Prudence Betty Morley at Chippenham, Wiltshire
                  • Henry James Ramsden (1799-1871)
                    married 1829 to Frederica Selina Law
                    • John Charles Francis Ramsden (1835-1910)
                      married 1863 to Emma Susan Duncombe
                      • Josslyn Vere Ramsden (1876-1952)
                        married 1909 to Olive Clotilde Bouhier Imbert-Terry
                        • Sir Caryl Oliver Imbert Ramsden (1915-1987), 8th Baronet of Byram and High Sheriff of Cumberland (1962)
                          married 1945 to Anne Wickham
                          • Sir John Charles Josslyn Ramsden (1950-), 9th Baronet of Byram
                            married 1895 to Jennifer Jane Bevan