The Pirates of Penzance (1909) - Meltham Amateur Operatic Society

The Pirates of Penzance was a production staged by Meltham Amateur Operatic Society in November 1909.[1]


Ladies of the Chorus:

  • R. A Mellor, A. Dyson, A. Broadbent, M. Reynolds, M. Hall, M. Garlick, N. Norcliffe, Bella Southern, E. Haigh, N. Phipps, Florrie Stead, Lizzie Garlick, Emily Preston, Fanny Stead, M. Heeley, Dora Bond

Gentlemen of the Chorus:

  • John James Lodge, S. Downs, N. Crowther, A. Patterson, G. Schofield, M. Reynolds, H. Earnshaw, Henry Stead, H. Creaser, Arnold Haigh, T. Quarmby, K. Earnshaw, E. Earnshaw, George W. Stead, Albert Edward Carter, Harry Greenhalgh, S. Berry

Notes and References

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