The Old Yards of Huddersfield (1986) by Lois Browning and Robert K. Senior

A booklet detailing the history of the Queen Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, written by Lois Browning and Robert K. Senior, and first published in 1986 by the Huddersfield Civic Society.

A second edition was published in 2004, revised by Betty and Michael Hill.

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The Yards

The booklet provides details of 62 yards, and names a further 6:

  1. Albert Yard
  2. Aspinall's Yard
  3. Battye's Yard
  4. Berry's Yardnarrow yard off New Street, entrance is now to the left of Marks & Spencers frontage on New Street
  5. Boulder's Yard
  6. Chadwick's Yard
  7. Clothiers Arms Yard
  8. Diana Yardsmall yard with entrance on Bradley Street North, probably associated with the nearby Diana Inn
  9. Dog Inn Yard
  10. Broad Tenter
  11. Brook's Yard (Market Street)
  12. Brook's Yard (West Gate)
  13. Dobson's Yard
  14. Downing's Yard — unnamed yard on maps next to the Boot and Shoe Inn on New Street
  15. Eastwood's Yard
  16. Fleece Yard
  17. The George Yard — yard behind the George Hotel when it was sited on Market Place
  18. Gibson's Yard
  19. Goldthorp's Yard
  20. The Green Dragon Yard — presumably sited behind the Green Dragon Inn on West Gate
  21. Greenwood's Yard
  22. Hammond's Yard or Wilk's Yard
  23. Hawksby's Court
  24. Helm's Yard
  25. Horsfall's Yard
  26. Imperial Arcade
  27. Imperial Yard
  28. Jowitt's Square
  29. Kilner's Yard — stated as likely being on Market Street on the south side of the Cloth Hall, the 1887 Insurance Map indicates it to be the yard to the north-east of the Cloth Hall, bounded by the Drysalter's Warehouse, H. Taylor Iron & Steel Warehouse, and S. Moorhouse & Son's Midland Railway Goods Depot
  30. King's Head Yard
  31. Lancester's Yard
  32. Lockwood's Yard (Upper Head Row)
  33. Lockwood's Yard (New Street)
  34. Love's Yard
  35. Ludlam's Yard
  36. Lumb's Yard or Warehouse — briefly noted as being "somewhere off Cloth Hall Street
  37. Machan's Yard
  38. Marshall's Yard
  39. New House Yard
  40. Pack Horse Yard
  41. Post Office Yard
  42. The Queen's Head Yard
  43. The Queen's Tap Yard
  44. Ramsden Yard
  45. Rhodes's Yard
  46. Riley's Yard
  47. Roebuck's Yard (John Street) & Roebuck's Yard (Swallow Street)
  48. Shaw's Yard (St. Peter's Street)
  49. Skilbeck's Yard
  50. Spivey's Yard
  51. Sun Inn Yard
  52. Swan Yard (Kirk Gate)
  53. Swan With Two Necks Yard — not named on maps, but the yard behind the Swan With Two Necks with entrances on West Gate & Chancery Lane
  54. Tinner's Yardthe authors come to the conclusion that this was an earlier name of Lancester's Yard
  55. Tomlinson's Yardnot named on maps, but entered on South Gate between Beast Market and St. Peter's Street, and was the home to a smithy on the 1890 town plan
  56. Union Bank Yard
  57. Vance's Buildings
  58. The Wheatsheaf Yard — not named on available maps, but was situated on Upper Headrow, next to the Wheat Sheaf inn
  59. The White Hart Yard
  60. The White Lion Yard
  61. Wilson's Yard or Challand's Yard
  62. Wormald's Yard
  63. Black Lion Yard
  64. Bradley Passage
  65. Eastwood's Yard (Lower Head Row)
  66. Glass Alley
  67. Horse Shoe Yard
  68. Swift's Yard