The National Telephone Company's Directory: Huddersfield Area (July 1896)

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The 1896 Directory shows that the telephone network had yet to reach many of the outlying districts of the Huddersfield area.

Under the Telegraph Act of 1899, Huddersfield was one of only 13 local authorities who applied for a licence to expand their local telegraph network.


telephone name extra # address district
225 Abbey & Hanson Land Surveyors 20 Ramsden Street Huddersfield
139 Addy, John & Sons Beaumont Street Huddersfield
139a Addy, John & Sons Office Beaumont Street Huddersfield
118 Ainley & Ramsden Share Brokers 9 Byram Arcade Huddersfield
57 Ainley, Sons & Co. Fancy Worsted Manufacturers St. George's Square Huddersfield
71 Ainley, Sons & Co. Fancy Worsted Manufacturers Shop Lane Mills Kirkheaton
1320 Allison, Thos., Limited Britannia Works Milnsbridge
1320a Allison, Thos., Limited Golcar
37 Armitage & Norton John William Street
255 Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe Solicitors 13 Westgate Huddersfield
187 Armitage & Son Seedsmen and Florists New Street Huddersfield
187a Armitage & Son Seedsmen and Florists Fenay Bridge
303 Armitage, Thomas Plumber and Gasfitter Buxton Road Huddersfield
1116 Armytage, George J. Esquire Clifton Woodhead Brighouse
1350 Aspinall, H.W. 53 Armitage Road Milnsbridge
246 Atkinson & Co.'s Successors Dyers and Finishers Bradley Mills
221 Bairstow, Sons, & co. Wholesale Clothiers Fitzwilliam Street
1216 Barber, J. Thristle Fancy Woollen Manufacturers Holmbridge Mill
1202 Barber, W.H. & J. Woollen Manufacturers Clarence Mill Holmbridge
266 Barnicot & Kenyon Woollen Manufacturers 17 St. George's Square Huddersfield
1516 Barnicot & Kenyon Woollen Manufacturers Shepley New Mills Shepley
145 Beadon, F.W. Langley Hall
1503 Beanland, R., & Co. Clayton West
1503a Beanland, R., & Co. Nortonthorpe
158 Beardsell, Harry Well field
1603 Beaumont, Bates & Son Woollen Manufacturers Slaithwaite
148 Beaumont, George & Sons Dyers and Finishers Fenay Bridge
121 Beaumont, H.K., & Co. Drysalters, Dyewood Lowerhead Row
1610 Beaumont, J. & R. Spa Mills Slaithwaite
117 Bedforth, M., & Sons Aspley Huddersfield
1103 Bell, James Veterinary Surgeon Brighouse
21a Bentley, F.W. Stock Broker Dalton Grove
21 Bentley, F.W. & Co. Stock Brokers Estate Buildings Huddersfield
382 Bentley, F.W. & Co. 47 Somerset Road
1128 Bentley & Kaye Longroyd Quarries Brighouse
328 Bentley & Shaw, Ltd. The Brewery Lockwood
1120 Bentley & Smith Castle Fields Quarry Rastrick
227 Berry, Joseph Architect and Surveyor 9 Queen Street Huddersfield
390 Berry, Walter Yarns, Noils and Waste 41 Market Street Huddersfield
144 Bessand, Blanchard, Rochard & Co. John William Street Huddersfield
318 Binns, John, & Co. 10 Kirkgate Huddersfield
343 Birkett, W. Rawes Dental Surgeon 28 New North Road Huddersfield
1317 Blackburn Bros. Dyers and Finishers Leymoor Longwood
1110 Blackburn, Smith & Co. Woodvale Mills Brighouse
1124 Blakeborough, J., & Sons Hydraulic Engineers Brighouse
179 Blamires, T. & H. Fancy Flannel Manufacturers Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road Huddersfield
244 Bletcher, W. & A. Wholesale Fruit Market Huddersfield
174 Block & Mellor St. Peter's Street Huddersfield
387 Booth, James T. Solicitor 33 John William Street Huddersfield
182 Borough Club Ramsden Street Huddersfield
1115 Bottomley, Thomas Timber Merchant Brighouse
1211 Bower, J., & Sons Holmfirth
1141 Bradley, William Gooder Lane Brighouse
238 Brierley Brothers Albert Mills Lockwood
1609 Brierley, Jonathan & Son Woollen Manufacturers Bridge Street Mills Slaithwaite
1509 Brierley Dyers Denby Dale
19 Brigg, John F., & Sons General Shipping Merchants 17 West Parade Huddersfield
222 Brighouse Brick & Tile Co. Ltd. Hill House Brighouse
1125 Brighouse Corporation Public Offices Brighouse
1125a Brighouse Corporation Ogden Lane Rastrick
1125b Brighouse Corporation Gas Works Brighouse
1125 Brighouse Joint Hospital Board Brighouse
1315 Britannia Mills Co. Ltd. Spinners and Doublers Crosland Moor
1310 Broadbent, J., & Son Parkwood Mills Longwood
73 Broadbent, J., & Co. Printers, Lithographers and Stationers New Street Huddersfield
1108 Broadbent, J.C. Toothill Brighouse
1323 Broadbent & Sykes Mill Furnishers Longwood
1323 Broadbent & Sykes Mill Furnishers Milnsbridge
102 Broadbent, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd. Engineers and Iron Founders Central Iron Works Huddersfield
371 Broadbent, T.W. Electrical Engineer Victorial Lane Huddersfield
265 Brook, A.W. Coal Merchant 7 New Street Huddersfield
176 Brook, George, Jun. Worsted Manufacturer Larchfield Mills Huddersfield
177 Brook, George Fernbrook, Murray Road Huddersfield
247 Brook, H., & Co. Colne Road Foundry Huddersfield
369 Brook, J.J. Cleverlands Huddersfield
363 Brook, T., & Co. Chapel Hill Huddersfield
385 Brook Time Checking Clock Co. Ltd. Clock Makers 19 Ramsden Street Huddersfield
385a Brook Time Checking Clock Co. Ltd. Clock Makers 2 King's Head Buildings Huddersfield
1305 Brook, William, & Sons Slaithwaite
1605a Brook, W.H. Field House Slaithwaite
17 Brooke, Joseph, & Co. 74 John William Street Huddersfield
17a Brooke, Joseph
80 Brown, David Pattern Maker Chapel Hill Huddersfield
1143 Brown, J.F., & Co. Ironmongers Bethel Street Brighouse
702a Bruce, E.J. Grean Lea Marsden
36 Burman & Greenwood Paperhangings and Paint Merchants High Street Huddersfield
108 Butler & Illingworth 14 Queen Street Huddersfield
1206 Butterworth & Roberts Woollens and Worsteds Yew Treet Mills Holmfirth