The National Telephone Company's Directory: Huddersfield Area (January 1888)

The 1888 Directory shows that the telephone network had yet to reach many of the outlying districts of the Huddersfield area.


telephone name extra # address district
38 Central Police Station Huddersfield
38 Fire Station Huddersfield
38 Magistrates' Clerk's Office Town Hall Huddersfield
51 Huddersfield Corporation Borough Offices Huddersfield
47 County Court Registrar's Office Queen Street Huddersfield
46 Huddersfield Infirmary New North Road Huddersfield
85 Haigh, Jonathan, Esq. Official Receiver and Solicitor 53 New Street Huddersfield
18 Bentley, F.W., Esq. Elmford Edgerton
55 Brigg, John Fligg, Esq. Greenhead Hall Greenhead
17a Brooke, Joseph, Esq. Reinwood House Lindley
B2a Cheetham, John, Esq. Longroyd House Rastrick
10a Fisher, E., Esq. Bryan Lodge Edgerton
68a Hirst, T.E., Esq. Willow Bank Edgerton
60 Kirk, Mrs. Craigmohr Greenhead
43a Learoyd, S., Esq. New North Road Huddersfield
91b Norton, Thomas, Esq. Bagden Hall Denby Dale
6 Shaw, G.W., Esq. Burbank Edgerton
57 Ainley, Sons & Co. Woollen Manufacturers Byram Court Huddersfield
71 Ainley, Sons & Co. Woollen Manufacturers Shop Lane Mills Kirkheaton
37 Armitage, Clough & Co. Accountants John William Street Huddersfield
63a Armitage, Alfred, & Co. Manufacturers Firth Street Huddersfield
H2 Barber, W.H & J. Manufacturers Holmfirth
19 Brigg, John Fligg, & Co. Cloth Merchants 17 West Parade, Atlantic Buildings Huddersfield
H3 Brook & Brownson Woollen Manufacturers Holmfirth
17 Brooke, Joseph, & Co. Woollen and Shipping Merchants 74 John William Street Huddersfield
H6 Butterworth & Roberts Manufacturers Holmfirth
H9 Butterworth, Thomas, & Sons Manufacturers Holmfirth
87 Carver & Co. Carriers 3 Buxton Road Huddersfield
86 Chadwick & Sons Solicitors 10 John William Street Huddersfield
B2a Cheetham, John, & Sons. Silk Spinners Calder Bank Mills Brighouse
66 Clarke, Dr. T.K. Physician and Surgeon John William Street Huddersfield
B11 Clay, J.T., & Sons Manufacturers Crow Trees Rastrick
83 Clayton, Holroyd & Co. Chemical Manufacturers Lockwood
83a Clayton, Holroyd & Co. Chemical Manufacturers Longroyd Bridge
8 Crosland, B., & Sons Woollen Manufacturers Oakes Mill Lindley
20 Dewhirst, John, & Co. Worsted Spinners Valley Mills Elland
61 Eastwood, Daniel, & Sons Wool Merchants Market Street Huddersfield
67 Eastwood, F., & Co. Woollen Manufacturers John William Street Huddersfield
27 Exchange and News Rooms Cloth Hall Street Huddersfield
99 Fawcett, Thomas Agent 1 Exchange, Cloth Hall Street Huddersfield
10 Fisher & Co. Merchants Upperhead Row Huddersfield
73 Goldthorp, R. & C. Card Makers Market Street Huddersfield
H5 Greenwood, Senior & Greenwood Dyers' Finishers Holmfirth
H7 Greenwood, Joseph & Sons Manufacturers Holmfirth
85 Haigh & Son Solicitors 53 New Street Huddersfield
84 Hall, Dr. Physician Lockwood
24 Henry, A. & S., & Co. Merchants Market Street Huddersfield
68 Hirst, Thomas, & Co. Wool Merchants Marshall's Buildings Huddersfield
95 Hornsby, G.F. Timber Merchant, &c. Seed Hill Huddersfield
59 Hoyle, Joseph Manufacturer Prospect Mills Longwood
96 Isherwood, F. Restaurant Devonshire Buildings Huddersfield
30 Jubb, Alfred Printer, Stationer, &c. Station Street Huddersfield
34 Knight, George T. Merchant Dundas Street Huddersfield
H4 Lancaster, J. & J. Cloth Finishers Thongsbridge
43 Learoyd, Piercy, & Simpson Solicitors 5 Buxton Road Huddersfield
70 Lister, Henry Manufacturer and Embosser Ash Brow Mills Fartown
70a Lister, Henry Manufacturer and Embosser Lion Arcade Huddersfield
65 London & North-Western Railway Co. Carriers Railway Station (Goods Dept.) Huddersfield
28 Lumb, Joseph & Sons. Worsted Spinners Centre Mills Folly Hall
63 Mallinson, Allen Yarn Spinner Albany Mills Aspley
9 Martin, Sons & Co. Manuacturers 76 John William Street Huddersfield
9a Martin, Sons & Co. Manuacturers Wellington Mills Lindley
13 Matthewman, William, & Sons Dyers Folly Hall
75 Matthewman, William, & Sons Cloth Finishers Seed Hill Mills Huddersfield
H1 Mellor, B., & Sons Dyers' Finishers Holmfirth
35 Mellor, Joseph, & Sons Manufacturers Railway Street Huddersfield
1 National Telephone Company Ltd. Manager's Office 7 John William Street Huddersfield
104 National Telephone Company Ltd. Call Office 7 John William Street Huddersfield
91 Norton Bros. & Co Ltd. Manufacturers Nortonthorpe Mills Nortonthorpe
91a Norton Bros. & Co Ltd. Manufacturers Cuttlehurst Mills Nortonthorpe
89 Norton Bros. & Co Ltd. Manufacturers Station Streer Huddersfield
12 Pickford & Co. Carriers Cloth Hall Street Huddersfield
41 Poppleton & Appleby Wholesale Traders' Association and Accountants Byram Arcade Huddersfield
B5 Ramsden, Camm, & Co. Wire Drawers Robin Hood Mills Brighouse
2 Ramsden, Sykes & Ramsden Solicitors 1 Westgate Huddersfield
B4 Richardson, Joseph Dyer and Finisher Brookfoot Dye Works Brighouse
4 Schofield, Son, & Shaw Accountants Queen Street Huddersfield
53 Schofield & Kirk Machine Mackers Folly Hall
26 Scougal, Dr. Physician Gledholt
14 Shaw, John, & Bros. Manufacturers St. George's Square Huddersfield
16 Shaw, William, & Sons Yarn Spinners, &c. Grove Mills Longwood
21 Shaw & Bentley Stock and Share Brokers 3 Estate Buildings Huddersfield
22 Smithies, Joseph, & Sons Cotton and Worsted Spinners Albert Mills Elland
B3 Stott, Son & Sugden Cotton, Silk and Worsted Spinners Owler Ings Mill Brighouse
79 Sykes, Joseph, & Bros. Card Makers Acre Mills Huddersfield
45 Taylor, John, & Sons Manufacturers Colne Road Mills Huddersfield
81 Taylor, Joseph, & Sons Iron Merchants Kirkgate Huddersfield
5 Vickerman, B., & Sons Manufacturers 5 Station Street Huddersfield
5a Vickerman, B., & Sons Manufacturers Taylor Hill Mills Huddersfield
23 Walker, Joseph, & Sons Manufacturers Market Street Huddersfield
23a Walker, Joseph, & Sons Manufacturers Plover Mills Lindley
64 Walker, Edwin, & Co. Manufacturers St. Peter's Street Huddersfield
64a Walker, Edwin, & Co. Manufacturers Field Mills Huddersfield
B6 Wood, John, & Sons Wire Drawers Wilkin Royd Mills Brighouse
92 Wood, John Henry Fish, Game and Poultry Dealer Victoria Street Huddersfield
B7 Woodhouse & Mitchell Engineers Clifton Bridge Iron Works Brighouse
98 Whiteley, S., & Son Machine Mackers Lockwood
H8 Wimpenny, S., & Son Stock and Share Brokers Town Hall Holmfirth