The Muddletown Fire Brigade (1914)

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A fireman extinguishes the town council's smoking concert.


The Bioscope (11/Jun/1914):

The Muddletown Fire Brigade. — Of all civil institutions, the rustic fire brigade has probably come in for greater attention at the hands of the parodist than any other. Although the latter’s comic exaggerations cannot in honesty be said to have much justification in fact nowadays, their humour remains unaffected by the passage of time. “The Muddletown Fire Brigade” is certainly an excellent piece of merriment. It burlesques in the most pungent fashion all the familiar incompetencies of our old friends, the village fire-fighters, and also affords us a glimpse of the serio-comic function at which the new fire engine is formally presented to the local brigade. The film contains much clever fooling, and should make an acceptable item in any programme. (Bamforth film. Yorkshire Sales Agency. Released July 13th. Length 650 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (25/Jun/1914):

Muddlbton Fire Brigade, The (C). — Winky presents a fire engine to the village of Muddleton, and the film shows the subsequent adventures of the brigade. Perhaps the chef d'oeuvre is the "putting out" of a smoking concert held by the councillors. Released July 13th, length 650 ft.


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Notes and References

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