The Miner's Dream of Home (Bamforth series 4729)

"The Miner's Dream of Home" was a set of four hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The text is based on the song "The Miner's Dream of Home" by lyricist Leo Dryden[1] and composer Will Godwin, published by Francis, Day & Hunter of London in 1891.

Bamforth's also published a set of magic lantern slides based on the song.[2]

The postcards were published as series number 4729.

The Miner's Dream of Home (1/4)

It is ten weary years since I left England's shore,
In a far distant country to roam,
How I long to return to my own Native land—
To my friends and the old folks at home!
Last night, as I slumbered, I had a strange dream,
One that seemed to bring distant friends near,—
I dreamt of Old England, the land of my birth,
To the heart of her sons ever dear!

The Miner's Dream of Home (2/4)

I saw the old homestead, and faces I love—
I saw England's valleys and dells;
I listened with joy, as I did when a boy,
To the sound of the old village bells,
The log was burning brightl—
'Twas a night that should banish all sin,
For the bells were rining the old year out,
And the new year in.

The Miner's Dream of Home (3/4)

While the joyous bells rang, swift I wended my way
To the cot where I lived when a boy;
And I looked in the window — Yes! there, by the fire,
Sat my parents! — my heart filled with joy,
The tears trickled fast down my bronzed, furrowed cheek,
As I gazed on my mother so dear,
I knew in my heart she was raising a pray'r
For the boy whom she dreamt not was near!

The Miner's Dream of Home (4/4)

At the door of the cottage we met face to face—
'Twas the first time for ten weary years;
Soon the past was forgotten — we stood hand-in-hand—
Father, mother, and wand'rer in tears!
Once more in the fire-place the oak log burns bright,
And I promised no more would I roam;
As I sat in the old vacant chair by the hearth,
And I sand the dear song — "Home, sweet home!"


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