The Mighty Atom (1914)

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Research Notes

No details were found in trade journals or newspaper archives for this title. It may be that this was an unreleased film that was recovered from the items acquired by the BFI in 1965.

The YFA notes that the title card reads "The Mighty Atom (not Corelli's)" — this is a reference to the 1896 novel "The Mighty Atom" by Marie Corelli. The notes also state that "Winky" is mentioned on the intertitle cards.

Multiple films were seemingly released during the First World War containing the words "Mighty Atom", including:

  • Britain's Mighty Atom at War — described as a "war film"
  • A Mighty Atom — described as "a war story" (1,103 feet) by Cricks & Martin Films and distributed by Lions Head ("throbbing with incidents, exciting and pathetic, from beginning to end")[3]
  • A Mighty Atom — seemingly based on Marie Corelli's novel
  • The Mighty Atom — described as "a Keystone screamer" and presumably a comedy released by Keystone Studios (USA)
  • The Mighty Atom — drama short released 14 May 1914 (982 feet) by Reliance Films & New Majestic Co.[4]
  • Mighty Atoms — a film about the "wonderful welfare war work being performed at the Woolwich creche"[5]

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