The Life of Ida May Haigh: The "Child Vocalist of Golcar" (1907) by John Griffiths

The Life of Ida May Haigh: The "Child Vocalist of Golcar" was written by John Griffiths and published in 1907 by the Advertiser Press Ltd. of Huddersfield.

The subject of the book, Ida May Haigh of Taylor Row, Golcar, died aged 12 in 1904.


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Copyright Status

Under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the copyright of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works in the United Kingdom expires at the end of the period of 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author dies.

John Griffiths died in 1939, aged 71, and copyright on his works expired at the end of 2009.


This little book is intended to serve a three-fold purpose. We feel that Ida May Haigh, while here amongst her friends, exercised a sweet ennobling influence over them. It is hoped, in the first place, that this record of her life may, in the same way, if not in the same degree, stimulate the young, not only to utitlize to the full their talents, but also to cultivate those Christian virtues for which Ida was remarkable. Secondly, it is hoped that the publication of the book will provide the means for the erection of a memorial. Thirdly, the volume itself too — conscious though we are of imperfections — will serve as a memento of her life and work.

Our endeavour throughout has been to give plain statements of facts, and to avoid any exaggerations. Those who have not been privileged to meet Ida and hear her sing may feel that in many cases we are guilty of exaggeration. We are confident, however, that those who knew her intimately, and are therefore best qualified to judge, will agree that an honest attempt has been made to give an accurate delineation of the life and character of the young singer.

It might be well also to state that no pecuniary advantage whatever accrues to anyone from the publication of this book, as the proceeds from its sale will be entirely devoted to the object named above.

J. Griffiths
Ryefield, Golcar,
March, 1907.

The Life of Ida May Haigh: The "Child Vocalist of Golcar" (1907) by John Griffiths


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