The Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited: Fifty Years of Progress (1910) - Prefatory Note

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Table of Contents for The Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited: Fifty Years of Progress, 1860-1910 (1910) by Owen Balmforth:


It is unfortunate that all the men who took any part in the first formation of our Society should have passed away before the Jubilee celebration. This fact has rendered it impossible for me to obtain any first-hand information with respect to the preliminary work necessarily undertaken in the establishment of the Society. I have, however, carefully read all the books and records which are available, in order to present a complete and accurate historical account of an institution which, it must be admitted, has had a singularly successful career, and which has grown from small beginnings to a concern of enormous magnitude, with multifarious ramifications.

Having myself, for over thirty-two years, taken a somewhat active part in the affairs of the Society, I trust that I have written the following pages in an impartial spirit, and, as Shakespeare says, “Nothing extenuate, nor set down aught in malice.”

The first and second chapters, although not directly relating to our Society, will, I hope, be found interesting and useful as affording a glimpse of the social and industrial conditions which formerly obtained in this district, and the efforts our forefathers made to propagate the principles of Co-operation.

I wish to thankfully acknowledge the valuable and cordial assistance I have received from Mr. J.T. Prentis (the Secretary of our Society) in my work of compilation.

O. B.

Huddersfield, October, 1910.

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The Huddersfield Industrial Society Limited: Fifty Years of Progress (1910) - Prefatory Note


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