The Honeymoon (1898)

This page is part of a project to index the films produced by Bamforth and Co. Ltd of Holmfirth.


  • length: about 62 feet[1]
  • released: 1898
  • director: unknown


Friends see newlyweds off on a train.


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Research Notes

South London Mail 10 December 1898 page 8.jpg

Although usually stated as being released in 1899, the South London Mail (10/Dec/1898) page 8 contains a listing for Fred McAvoy's South London Palace which included an "Exclusive Engagement of the Anglo-American Bio-Tableaux, Grand Life-size Pictures, Including The Kiss in the Tunnel, followed by The Honeymoon, and other subjects of thrilling interest". Both The Kiss in the Tunnel and The Honeymoon are titles of known Bamforth films. The same newspaper a week later reviewed the advertised event: "There were the animated pictures — the 'Kiss in the Tunnel' and 'The Honeymoon' causing much hilarity in the darkness of the auditorium". There are also advertisements for the Anglo-American Bio-Tableaux in November 1898 referencing The Honeymoon.[2]

Notes and References

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