The Heaps of Honley and South Crosland

The Heaps were linked to the woollen manufacturing industry in the Honley and South Crosland area.

By the 1850s, various members of the family had moved to Crosland Hall and they took over the leases of Lord's Mill and Crosland Mills.

However, by the mid-1880s, the family was in financial trouble and they sold off many of their assets in 1885 and 1886.

Family Tree

The following family tree is based on existing research from

  • Joseph Heap (c.1778-c.1865) — married 25/Dec/1797 to Ann Armitage at All Hallows, Almondbury
    • George Heap (1810-1867)[1]married 25/Dec/1833 to Alice Oldfield at All Hallows, Almondbury
      • Edward Heap (c.1836-1898) — married 08/Jun/1859 to Esther Stockwell
        • Alice Heap (1860-?)
        • John Edward Heap (1861-?)
        • Mary Heap (c.1863-?)
        • Albert Stockwell Heap (1864-1924)
        • Matilda Heap (1865-?)
        • George Heap (1867-1935)
        • Joshua William Heap (1869-1926)
        • Kate Heap (c.1872-?)
        • Emily Heap (c.1875-?)
        • Sarah Heap (c.1878-?)
        • Emma Heap (c.1882-?)
      • Sarah Ann Heap (1838-1897)[2]married 30/May/1855 to William Henry Walker
        • George William Walker (c.1855-1905) — married Clara Cooper
        • John Henry Walker (1857-1911) — married 1879 to Elizabeth Wild
        • James Herbert Walker (1859-?) — married Selina Cook
        • Clara Walker (1861-?) — married 1883 to Alfred Potter
        • Sam Walker (1863-1935)
        • Frank Heap Walker (1868-1924) — married 1894 to Janet Walton
      • Miles Heap (1840-1916)[3]married 03/Apr/1861 to Martha Hannah Kaye
      • Isabella Heap (1843-1875)[4]married 21/Aug/1867 to Charles Walker
        • Amy Walker (c.1859-1860)
        • Minnie Walker (c.1868-1936)
        • Harry Walker (1875-1875)[5]
      • Walker Heap (c.1846-1904)[6]married 17/Jul/1867 to Grace Todd at Holy Trinity, South Crosland
        • Charles William Heap (c.1869-1938)
        • Fred Heap (1871-1872)[7]
        • Eleanor Heap (c.1874-?)
        • Isabella Heap (c.1877-1953)
        • Sarah Ann Heap (1878-1972)[8]married 30/Mar/1907 to Henry Walshaw
        • Luther Heap (c.1882-?)
        • John Heap (c.1885-?)
        • Norman Heap (c.1891-1904)[9]
    • Joseph Heap (c.1812-1885)[10]married 22/Sep/1834 to Mary Ann Garside at All Hallows, Almondbury
      • Agnes Heap (c.1836-1913)[11]
      • Ruth Heap (c.1837-1872)[12]married 03/Oct/1858 to brewer Thomas Haigh
      • Ann Heap (c.1838-?)
      • Luther Heap (c.1841-1865)[13]
      • John Heap (c.1844-1911)[14]married 31/Aug/1870 to Ruth Oldfield at Holy Trinity, South Crosland
      • Ellen Heap (c.1849-?) — married 1872 to Frank Brown
      • Martha Heap (1851-1865)[15]
      • Martin Heap (1853-?)[16]
      • Mary Heap (1855-?)[17]
    • Joshua Heap (c.1818-1869)[18]married 04/May/1837 to Mary Ann Lodge at All Hallows, Almondbury
      • Allen Heap (c.1838-?) — married Emma Moore
        • Ellen Ann Heap (c.1864-?)
        • Charles Albert Heap (c.1866-1909)[19]
        • Emily F. Heap (c.1875-?)
      • John Heap (c.1839-?)
      • Ann Heap (c.1842-?)
      • Joseph Heap (c.1844-?)
      • Walter Heap (1846-1910)[20]married 15/May/1869 to Ann Avison
        • Rosa Heap (1869-1937)[21]married 13/Sep/1888 to Joe Willie Swallow and 05/Jul/1908 to John Sykes Stockwell
        • Eliza Ann Heap (c.1875-?)
        • Joshua Heap (c.1879-?)[22]married 17/Jun/1903 to Celia Maria Rawlinson at Holy Trinity, South Crosland
      • James Heap (c.1848-?)
      • Samuel Heap (c.1848-?)
      • Arthur Heap (c.1851-?)
      • David Heap (c.1853-?)
      • Mary E. Heap (c.1854-?)
      • Violetta Louisa Heap (1859-?)[23]married 12/Jul/1882 to Joe France
    • Robert Heap (c.1825-1884)[24]married 29/Aug/1844 to Mary Stockwell at All Hallows, Almondbury
      • Alexander Heap (c.1848-?)
      • John William Heap (c.1850-?)[25]

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