The Grove, Kilner Bank, Dalton

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  • appears on maps: 1851 [#412], 1890 [#1096], 1905 [#23]
  • location: Kilner Bank, Dalton
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: private house

Shown with large gardens, alongside mill goit flowing from River Colne. The property seems to have been demolished between the 1908 and 1930 maps.

Residence of woollen manufacturer James Learoyd (c.1803-1855)[1], founder of James Learoyd & Sons of Town Lane Mills and Tanfield Mills. The firm later became Learoyd Bros. & Co. Ltd. of Trafalgar Mills.

Census Returns

  • 1861 — widow Elizabeth Learoyd (55) [house & land proprietor], her children Frederick (33) [woollen manufacturer], Edwin (27) [house, land & share proprietor], Albert (25) [woollen manufacturer], James (22) [house & land proprietor], Sophia E.R. (19), plus two visitors and three servants
  • 1881 — widow Elizabeth Learoyd (75) [gentlewoman] with her two servants Anne Etchells (38) [housemaid] and Elizabeth Race (29) [cook]
  • 1891 — William F. Shaw (52) [Vicar of St. Andrew's Church], his wife Gertrude (48), their children Frances, Leonard, Walter and Hugh, and their servants Annie Horton (32) [cook] and Agnes Brett (24) [housemaid]

Linked Locations

  • property: Grove Cottages, Kilner Bank
    notes: 2 adjoining properties, alongside mill goit flowing from River Colne, and also approached via footpath through Kilner Bank Wood


Notes and References

  1. Died 31 December 1855 at The Grove. His Last Will & Testament is available on Ancestry.