The Flood Came and Took Them All Away (1852) - Preface

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The Flood Came and Took Them All Away: A Sermon on the Holmfirth Flood (1852) by Rev. Joshua Fawcett


The Author desires to state that this Sermon was preached in Wibsey Chapel, Bradford, Yorkshire, on February 8th, 1852, the Sunday after the Holmfirth Catastrophe, (when a Collection was made on behalf of the Sufferers,) and was written without the least idea of its ever passing beyond the narrow circle of his own flock; and that it possesses no claim either to originality of thought, or mode of treatment. It is published at the request and risk of a gentleman, who desires to contribute any profits which may arise from the sale, to the Fund being raised for the Benefit of the Holmfirth Sufferers.

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