The Flood Came and Took Them All Away (1852) - Appendix: Loss of Property

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The Flood Came and Took Them All Away: A Sermon on the Holmfirth Flood (1852) by Rev. Joshua Fawcett

Loss of Property.

Some idea may be formed of the loss of property when it is stated that there hare been wholly destroyed, 4 mills; 10 dye-houses; 9 stores; 27 cottages; 7 tradesmen’s houses; 7 shops; 6 bridges; 1 county bridge; 10 warehouses; 8 barns and stables; total, 89.

Buildings Seriously Injured.

There have been 5 dye-houses; 17 mills; 3 stores; 129 cottages; 7 tradesmen’s houses; 44 large shops; 11 public houses; 5 bridges; 1 county bridge; 4 warehouses; 18 barns; 3 places of worship; 2 iron foundries; total, 244.

Also 200 acres of land. 4,896 adults and 2,142 children have been thrown out of employ, making a total of 7,088. The average weekly earnings of these were £8,748. The total number of persons dependent on the property destroyed is 10,000. The damage is estimated at from £200,000 to £250,000.

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