The Flood Came and Took Them All Away (1852) - Appendix: List of the Bodies Found

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The Flood Came and Took Them All Away: A Sermon on the Holmfirth Flood (1852) by Rev. Joshua Fawcett

List of the Bodies Found.

It is to be regretted that no official list should have been drawn up of the number of bodies missing. The following is an authentic return of the bodies found, and of their names as identified before the Coroner:—

  1. Rose Charlesworth, aged 40, wife of John Charlesworth, of Hinchcliffe Mill, clothier.
  2. Ellen Ann Hartley, aged 2 years, daughter of Sidney Hartley, of Holmfirth, engineer.
    The inquest was held over the female child by the above name. It was first stated to be one of Metterick’s daughters.
    Subsequently the little girl Hannah, daughter of Sidney Hartley, came forward to identify it as the body of her sister Ellen. She was asked how she knew it, and replied, because it was “calf licked,” like herself — pointing to a peculiarity of the hair on the forehead — so denominated in Yorkshire. The Coroner took her deposition, but afterwards the same child was claimed by a man named Bailey as his daughter, and he ultimately obtained possession of the corpse, and interred it.
  3. A boy unknown, aged about 5 years.
  4. Martha Hartley, 16 years, daughter of Sidney Hartley, of Holmfirth.
  5. Charles Thorpe, 3 years, son of Matthew Fearns, mason, of Holmfirth.
  6. Betty Heely, 7 years, daughter of Thomas Heely, labourer, of Smithy Place Hill.
  7. A boy unknown, aged about 6 years.
  8. Mary Ann Hartley, 39 years, wife of the said Sidney Hartley, of Holmfirth.
  9. James Hartley, 14 years, son of ditto.
  10. Jane Metterick, 3 years, daughter of James Metterick, clothier, of Holmfirth.
  11. A boy unknown, aged about 4 years.
  12. William Metterick, 26 years, manufacturer, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  13. A daughter of the said Matthew Fearns, aged 6 months, of Holmfirth.
  14. Hannah Bailey, 40 years, wife of Enos Bailey, of Holmfirth.
  15. Hannah Shackleton, 9 years, daughter of Richard Shackleton, joiner, of Holmfirth.
  16. Infant child unknown, supposed to be Hannah Bailey’s.
    It was erroneously reported that this child had been born in the water; but it bears evidence of having been alive for a few days, and dressed. It is said that Enos Bailey had some difficulty in identifying his wife, owing to the changed features through drowning, and that he only became assured of her identity by a particular mole upon her person.
  17. Joshua Earnshaw, 70 years, of Water Street, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  18. Tamer Shackleton, 33 years, wife of the said Richard Shackleton.
  19. James Shackleton, 1 year, son of ditto.
  20. Elizabeth Hartley, 4 years, daughter of the said Sidney Hartley.
  21. A girl unknown, aged about 2½ years.
  22. Hannah Crosland, 19 years, daughter of Jonathan Crosland, clothier, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  23. Ellen Wood, 22 years, servant.
  24. James Charlesworth, 14 years, son of the said John Charlesworth, clothier, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  25. Alfred Woodcock, 17 years, son of Richard Woodcock, dyer, of Holmfirth.
  26. Ruth Charlesworth, 1 year, the daughter of the said John Charlesworth.
  27. Emily Sandford, 3½ years, daughter of Jonathan Sandford, of Dyson Mill, manufacturer.
  28. Sidney Hartley, 41 years, engineer, of Holmfirth.
  29. George Hartley, 10 weeks, son of the said Sidney Hartley.
  30. Charles Earnshaw, 30 years, clothier, Hinchcliffe Mill, son of the said Joshua Earnshaw.
  31. John Ashall, 32 years, currier, of Holmfirth.
  32. Margaret Ashall, 30 years, wife of the above.
  33. Sarah Jane Sandford, 9 years, daughter of the said Jonathan Sandford.
  34. Martha Crosland, 17 years, daughter of the said Jonathan Crosland.
  35. Joe Metterick, aged about 12 months, son of the said James Metterick.
  36. A female child unknown, about 4 years.
  37. Amelia Fearns, 30 years, wife of the said Matthew Fearns.
  38. Joshua Charlesworth, 16 years, son of the said John Charlesworth.
  39. A boy unknown, aged about 11 years.
  40. Eliza Marsden, 46 years, single woman, Hinchclilfe Mill
  41. James Lee, 65 years, tailor, of Holmfirth.
  42. Joseph Marsden[1], 16 years, son of the said Eliza Marsden.
  43. William Exley, 26 years, Hinchcliffe Mill (insane).
  44. Eliza Matthews, 12 years, daughter of David Matthews (in the asylum). She lived with Samuel Greenwood, of Hollow Gate.
  45. Lydia Greenwood, 45 years, wife of the said Samuel Greenwood, bar keeper.
  46. Abel Earnshaw, 6 years, son of Enos Earnshaw (who is gone to America).
  47. Jonathan Crosland, 39 years, clothier, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  48. Joshua Crosland, 21 years, son of the above.
  49. Mary Helliwell, 28 years, wife of Joseph Helliwell, weaver, of Holmfirth.
  50. George Helliwell, 9 years, son of ditto
  51. Sarah Helliwell, 6 years, daughter of ditto
  52. Elizabeth Helliwell, 4 years, daughter of ditto
  53. John Helliwell, 2 years, son of ditto
  54. Ann Helliwell, 10 months, daughter of ditto
  55. Hannah Dodd, 30 years, wife of Joseph Dodd, engine tenter, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  56. James Booth, 60 years, labourer, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  57. Nancy Booth, 44 years, wife of the above.
  58. William Healey, 45 years, labourer, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  59. Lydia Brooke, 28 years, wife of Joseph Brooke, of Hinchcliffe Mill.
  60. Hannah Brooke, 11 years, daughter of the above.
  61. Elizabeth Dodd, 7 years, daughter of the said Joseph Dodd.
  62. Nancy Marsden, 53 years, single woman, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  63. Sarah Hannah Dodd, 17 months, daughter of the said Joseph Dodd.
  64. Charles Crosland, 13 years, son of the said Jonathan Crosland.
  65. Foster Crosland, 7 years, son of ditto
  66. Sarah Woodcock, 12 years, daughter of Richard Woodcock, dyer, of Holmfirth.
  67. Samuel Greenwood, 46 years, toll-bar keeper, Hollow Gate.
  68. Ann Earnshaw Beaumont, 14 years, lived with her grand-father, the said Joshua Earnshaw.
  69. Betty Earnshaw, 25 years, wife of Enos Earnshaw (who is gone to America). She resided with her father, James Metterick, of Water Street, Hinchcliffe Mill.
  70. Alfred Ashall, 2 years, very stout fine child, eruption about one eye, rather light hair.
  71. Samuel Metterick, 20 years, Water Street, 5ft. 7in., slender, and long in his limbs, thick upper lip, and dark brown hair.
  72. Jonathan Sandford, 45 years, Dyson’s Mill, 6ft. stout, round shouldered., sandy hair and whiskers, slightly pock-marked, and very bald on the top of the head.
  73. Grace Hirst Shackleton, 4½ years, Holmfirth, small, dark brown hair, and a slight scar from a burn, on the side of her neck.

This makes seventy-three bodies (not including the one said to have been born in the water) found up to the time we are at press. The following are the descriptions of the other bodies lost, and which, if amongst the unknown bodies above given, are not fully identified:—

  1. Joseph Marsden, 19 years, Water Street, sandy hair fresh and good looking.
  2. Joseph Dodd, 48 years, Water Street, low in stature, very thin, large nose, sandy hair and whiskers, and bald on the top of the head.
  3. Mary Crosland, 19 years, Water Street, middle size and very thin, pale looking, dark brown hair.
  4. James Metterick, 57 years, Water Street, 5ft. 8in., stout good looking, very bald head, and grey whiskers.
  5. Mary Metterick, 38 years, rather tall, moderately stout, slightly pock-marked, lost all her front teeth on the top side, except one, and a blue mark over one eye.
  6. Alfred Metterick, 8 years, Water Street, very slender, strong light coloured hair.
  7. Hamer Charlesworth, 6 years, Water Street, slender, very light coloured hair,
  8. Richard Shacklelon, 31 years, Holmfirth, 5ft. 9in., brown curly hair, dark eyes, and a brown mark on one arm, between the wrist and elbow.
  9. Ellen Ann Hartley, 3 years, Holmfirth Mill, light coloured hair, very much turned up in front.
  10. Ann Bailey, 4 years, Upper Bridge, not tall, but stout, thick dark hair, a little scorbutic eruption on one eye, with lindsey night-gown.

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