The Flood Came and Took Them All Away (1852) - Appendix: The Course of the Flood

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The Flood Came and Took Them All Away: A Sermon on the Holmfirth Flood (1852) by Rev. Joshua Fawcett

Additional Particulars.

Repeated personal observations and calm enquiry have enabled us to collect many interesting details of this calamity in addition to the previous ones. The little lapse of time which occurred since the accident added to the distracted condition of the inhabitants of the valley, rendered it impossible for us to obtain a full account of the flood down the entire length of its devastating course. By dint of great labour, and personal interviews with eye-witnesses of the course of the flood as far as Holmfirth, we have been able, however, to give a connected narrative down to that place, the accuracy and fullness of which may be depended upon. We now resume our narrative at that point, in order to make it a complete record of this distressing and unprecedented event; but before doing so will add some remarks on the reservoir and the course of the stream, embodying additional details.