The Baptists of Yorkshire (1912)

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The Baptists of Yorkshire

  • written by several authors and published in 1912
  • source: Hathi Trust (digitised by Google Books)
  • two separate scans are available:

The chapter covering Baptist churches in the Huddersfield area has been transcribed.


  • Baptist Principles before the rise of Baptist Churches — by H. Wheeler Robinson (pages 3-50)
  • The Baptist Churches of Yorkshire in the 17th and 18th centuries — by W.E. Blomfield (pages 51-112)
  • The present Baptist Churches of Yorkshire — by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
    • The District of Bradford (pages 115-137)
    • The District of Leeds (pages 141-177)
    • The District of Craven (pages 181-196)
    • The District of the East and North Ridings (pages 199-210)
    • The District of Halifax and Hebden Bridge (pages 213-228)
    • The District of Huddersfield — by Rev. C.E. Shipley (pages 231-246)
    • The District of Sheffield (pages 249-263)
  • The Yorkshire Baptist Association — by Rev. John Haslam (pages 267-318)