The Baptist Magazine (1844) - New Chapels

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Milnsbridge, near Huddersfield.

This place of worship was opened on the 25th and 28th of April, when sermons were preached by Messrs. Dowson of Bradford, Glendening (independent) of Huddersfield, Walter of Lockwood, Holmes of Pole Moor, Lomas of Salendine Nook, and Dr. Beaumont (Wesleyan) of Liverpool. The collections amounted to £100, and the friends had previously subscribed £800. The entire cost of the chapel, school-room, vestry, and other conveniences, is the very moderate sum of £1400, leaving a debt of £500. The building, which is an exceedingly neat one, is 54 feet by 48 inside; the school-room underneath, 48 feet by 30; and the vestry 48 feet by 15. The chapel will seat from 700 to 800 persons, besides containing a gallery for upwards of 250 Sunday school children. The attendance is very pleasing; great numbers come who previously neglected the word of God.

The Baptist Magazine (1844) - New Chapels


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