The Baptist Magazine (1843) - New Church

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.


Millsbridge, Near Huddersfield.

A baptist church was formed at this place on the 24th of May. Brother Hirst of Blackley introduced the service by prayer. Brother Holmes of Pole Moor gave a description of the nature of a gospel church, and the duties and privileges of its members. One of twenty members who were dismissed from the church at Salendine Nook then gave an account of the efforts which had been made to form an interest at Millsbridge, and brother Holmes gave them the right hand of fellowship; after which brother Walton of Lockwood preached, and the Lord's Supper was administered to nearly 100 persons, chiefly members of the churches at Salendine Nook, Lockwood, and Meltham: brother Thomas of Meltham presided at the Lord's table.