The Baptist Magazine (1843) - New Chapel

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.


Salendine Nook.

On Easter Monday the 17th ultimo, the foundation stone of a new and enlarged chapel at Salendine Nook, near Huddersfield, was laid by John Brook, Esq., of Marsh House. The day being fine a large concourse of persons attended to witness the interesting ceremony.

In the introductory observations by the Rev. J. Macpherson, the minister, it was stated that a baptist congregation had existed in the above place for 112 years, and that the intended place of worship was the third chapel which it had been found necessary to erect, all on the same site, each an enlargement of the former one. Besides which it was stated that four or five chapels, within the circle of a few miles, had originated through the exertions of individuals who had at different periods belonged to the church.

A very appropriate and impressive address was delivered by the Rev. H. Dowson of Bradford. The devotional services were conducted by the Rev. J.W. Walton of Lockwood, and the Rev. W.H. Holmes of Pole Moor. The cost of the chapel, exclusive of the old materials, is estimated at about £1000, which will be defrayed by the members of the church and congregation.