The Baptist Magazine (1843) - Miscellanea

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.


Salendine Nook.

The new and enlarged chapel at Salendine Nook, near Huddersfield, was opened on Wednesday the 1st, and Lord’s Day the 5th Nov. Sermons were preached on the occasion by the Rev. Messrs. Dowson of Bradford, Burchell of Rochdale, Acworth of Bradford, and Gray of Northampton. The collection amounted to the very liberal sum of £311; which, with the previous subscriptions of the congregation, will nearly defray the entire cost of the erection, being about £1.600. The chapel will seat from 800 to 900 persons, and has a remarkably chaste and elegant appearance. Commodious vestries and school-room, which were much wanted, are now provided; and a separate children's gallery, which will accommodate 400 children, above the school-room, opens to the chapel behind the pulpit by a fine arch.

It is hoped that this large and important interest will advance, under the divine blessing, with increased and distinguished prosperity; and that the enlarged house which the benevolent zeal of the people has raised, may be filled with worshippers, and become the birth-place of many souls.