The Baptist Magazine (1836) - Chapels Opened

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.


Golcar, Yorkshire.

A few years since, the sum of one hundred pounds was left by a respectable member of the Baptist church, at Salendine Nook, Mr. Thomas Sykes, towards the erection of a chapel for the Baptist denomination, in the neighbouring township of Golcar, parish of Huddersfield, Yorkshire; by the due allocation of which sum, and the benevolence of surrounding friends, a neat building, capable of seating 700 persons, has been erected, and entirely paid for. The chapel was opened April 22nd, 1835, when the Rev. Dr. Steadman, of Bradford, and the late Rev. Samuel Saunders, of Liverpool, officiated. A church consisting of twelve members, six of whom were recently baptized, and the remainder added from neighbouring churches, was formed on Dec. 23rd. The Rev. H. Holmes, of Pole Moor, commenced with reading and prayer; the Rev. Stephen Davis, of Clonmel, Ireland, preached from Eph. v. 24: "The church is subject to Christ." After the church was constituted, the Lord’s supper was administered by Mr. Davis, assisted by Mr. Holmes, and by the Rev. F.W. Dyer, of Lockwood. The hymns were read by the Rev. Geo. H. Davis, third son of the Rev. S. Davis. The congregations are uniformly good, and the prospect is very encouraging.