The Baptist Magazine (1829) - Ordinations

The following is a transcription of a historic journal article and may contain occasional errors.



On Wednesday, July 22, 1829, the Rev. Thomas Thomas, late pastor of the Baptist church in Oldham, Lancashire, was publicly recognized as pastor over the church at Meltham, Yorkshire.

Met at two, p.m. when the Rev. James Bond, of Marsden, Independent, read and prayed; after which the Rev. Robt. Hyde, from Saladine Nook, received from one of the deacons satisfactory information that the church were unanimous in requesting Mr. Thomas to accept their call. Brother T. signified that be willingly accepted. Mr. Hyde then delivered a powerful address to the minister, founded upon 2 Cor. ii. 16; after which Mr. Allison, of Ogden, gave an impressive sermon to the people, from l Cor. xvi. 15, 16.

Met again at six, p.m. when Mr. Bond preached a very animating discourse, founded on Ps. xxvii. 4.

These services were numerously attended, and from the intense interest which was kept up through the whole, it is hoped that the refreshing presence of the great Head of the Church was felt by many.